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Earlier this month, I performed for the first time in a few years my oddball track “Collateral Damage” from the first Dan Sheehan Conspiracyy album at a music festival at Bergen Community College.  I call it an oddball track because the major (More...)

Yesterday I made the  excellent decision to head into Newark for a free concert by Living Colour outside the NJ PAC.  I hadn’t seen these guys in about 11 years, but I’d been listening to them lately and was psyched up to see them play. This (More...)

August 7, 2014

As I finish up the mixing of the forthcoming single, “Black Gold,” the first song I’m doing pretty much on my own without band in a long time, I’m fortunate to have the assistance of engineer Patrice DeVincentis contributing to the (More...)

I might have to write a song about Brazil for Tales From Earth, Inc.  As you may have heard, Brazil’s senate voted to allow beer to be sold in its soccer stadiums in time for the World Cup, ending a decade long ban on beer in the stadiums due to mu (More...)

We are very pleased to announce that the Puffin Foundation has awarded a grant in support of the Tales From Earth, Inc. album project!  The Puffin Foundation helps artists making statements on non-mainstream material bring their projects to fruition.  S (More...)